Investec SmartRate Plus Notice Deposit

Select your “Percentage Instant access required” and “Notice days” from the table below to find out the rate that applies to you. Your applicable interest rate as well as the additional interest that you will earn if you don’t place notice is displayed in the table to the right of the SmartRate Plus tool.

Deposit rates can only be confirmed at the time of dealing.

Minimum deposit: R100 000.

If you don't place notice, you will earn additional interest on top of your applicable interest rate.

Selected rate quote

The rate in the table shows the interest rate that you will earn based on your selection of percentage instant access required and notice days. If notice has not been placed on the funds, additional interest will be earned after 30 days. This is applicable to all notice options, except the 15 day option.

You will earn 0.10% on top of your applicable interest rate after not placing notice for 30 days.

Once notice is placed and on the day that notice falls due, the interest rate will default back to the initial applicable interest rate.


Annual effective

Instant access required (%)